Mobile Apps Are Dead?

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  1. John S.
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    Posted 13 Feb 2014 Link to this post

    I watched the presentation yesterday 'Mobile Apps are Dead'. I am very confused as to why it was titled that; was it a sarcastic statement? When I go to the first thing I am presented with is "Build Mobile Apps using any approach" which seems like a sales pitch for a dead technology; however, Telerik Platform seems to be a major current initiative.

    By the way, I am not saying anything against the Telerik Platform, just confused by the contradiction.

    Am I the only one confused with this?

  2. TonyG
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    Posted 14 Feb 2014 in reply to John S. Link to this post

    I saw it as a "tongue in cheek" marketing ploy to make us curious, and of course it worked. I think what they're saying is that the approach we all take to mobile apps has been in constant flux since the introduction of the iPhone. We now have three major platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone), never-ending platform changes in terms of new OS versions, hardware changes, new form-factors, user preferences, at least three primary languages (not counting HTML5 and related), and a number of budding frameworks and tools all designed to make development easier - and each with their own shortcomings. It's worse than the browser wars that we're still fighting after now 20 years of common internet usage.

    It's not mobile apps themselves that are dead but the way we are progressively forced to approach the topic that is rapidly approaching a dead end. It's simply not sustainable. Individual developers are forced to narrow their focus to one platform, to perhaps tablet or phone, or to some point-release of a specific OS. Larger shops can throw more resources at a more diversified offering, but frankly most of the best apps out there come from single-developers and small shops who can't afford that.

    Combine that with concepts like analytics for user behaviors and exception reporting - all of which is left to the individual developer, usually simply not done, and of course done differently in every platform.

    Now as projects grow we need new test harnesses and there are services that do continual build testing and test deployment to an array of device types. We're all doing this differently or not at all.

    That's what's "dead" about all of this. Chaos is a "dead end" that we're all moving toward at high speed.

    If they said "the way we approach mobile app development is about to change", I don't think they would have attracted 8000 people to their webinar.

    And of course I could be completely wrong. LOL
  3. John S.
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    Posted 17 Feb 2014 in reply to TonyG Link to this post

    Unfortunately it was 'tongue in cheek', even if not meant to be. 

    When I first signed up for the seminar I hadn't seen anything of the "Telerik Platform" and was really hoping there was going to be something 'somewhat revolutionary" announced. By the time the seminar rolled around I had seen what they were doing but still watched. Honestly, I don't develop for the mobile marketplace and am not familiar with all the hoops that need to be jumped through... so perhaps my expectations were naïve.

    In any case I hope this is all a success and will probably have a good look at things in the coming months.

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