Listbox control can't choose one of the items.

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    Listbox control can't choose one of the items.    Issues such as the attached pictures.

    ListBox  binding data sources   without    problem ,  but  I  can't  choose    the binding  items.


    The  XAML:
          <telerik:RadPane Header="建筑功能" IsPinned="False">
                                <telerik:ListBox Name="tlb_BuildingFunc"  SelectedValuePath="DpCodeId"  DisplayMemberPath="DpCodeName" SelectionMode="Multiple" SelectedIndex="0"  />

    The  xaml.cs:
             private void BindBaseDatas()
                string weburl = Application.Current.Host.Source.ToString();
                weburl = weburl.Substring(0, (weburl.Length - 23)) + "/ChartsService.svc";
                MyChartsService.ChartsServiceClient client = new MyChartsService.ChartsServiceClient("CustomBinding_ChartsService1", weburl);
                client.GetCodeDetailsEntityDataCompleted += new EventHandler<MyChartsService.GetCodeDetailsEntityDataCompletedEventArgs>(client_GetCodeDetailsEntityDataCompleted);

            void client_GetCodeDetailsEntityDataCompleted(object sender, MyChartsService.GetCodeDetailsEntityDataCompletedEventArgs e)
                ObservableCollection<MyChartsService.CodeDetailsEntity> regions = e.Result;
                tlb_BuildingFunc.ItemsSource = e.Result;

    Tanks  a  lot ...       Using  "Silverlight  Tookit   ListBox"   is  ok...
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