JustTrace 2011 Q2 SP1 Known Issues

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    Hello everyone,

    We are continuing to let you know for any known issues that JustTrace might have and what workarounds there are. Our main goal is to make these lists shorter and shorter :-)

    In the latest official version - internal build from October 31, which follows the 2011 Q2 SP1 version - you can come across the following issues:

    1. If you are running JustTrace on Windows Vista or later and the download process through our auto update manager freezes without notifying you, you should check your network and Internet connectivity.

    2. IIS support has several issues when you running JustTrace on Windows 2003. We are already working on them and will provide fixes in the next internal build.

    3. If the OS on which you are working has UAC set to Default, JustTrace elevates to Admin mode on its own. If you run .NET 4 application but not in elevated mode, and you attach to it while running in order to profile it with JustTrace you will get data in the snapshots but there won't be any data in the Live Data view.

    4. For now, Memory profiler requires a lot of virtual address space (or simply memory) to create snapshots for large applications. Visual Studio is a 32-bit process and is limited to just 2 GB of virtual address space. If you have to profile large applications, consider using the stand-alone version of JustTrace under 64-bit Windows.

    Thank you for downloading JustTrace and helping us make it better product. We'd love to hear from you any feedback you might have!

    The Telerik team
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