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    I confess up front that of all of the hundreds of skills I've had to learn over the years, at this point I'm still not up on unit testing.  I haven't used the tools once, haven't read a book or done my homework on this one, and don't know AAA from the company that tows my car.  In JustMock I think I see a tool that can help with common development.  I just don't want to have to research another paradigm like unit testing (yet) in order to use what seems like a great tool.  But all of the examples seem to be completely based on unit testing.

    Here is an example of how I'd like to use JustMock.  I have an ASP.NET app that makes synchronous WebRequests out to other sites to aggregate results.  My code might look something like this:

    IList<ClassA> GetGridData(string info) {
      IList<ClassA> list  = LibraryX.DoSomething(info);  // web request done in here
      if (list.Count == 0)
        list = null;
      return list;

    The problem is that I in testing through Visual Studio I don't have the live web server environment, and I don't want to have to do a live call through LibraryX to get a IList<ClassA> that I need elsewhere in my code.  It would be great if I could generate that list without having to write the manual code to generate N instances of ClassA.  The issue is compounded when ClassA is sealed and instances are constructed internally in LibraryX, and I actually can't manually create those instances anyway without a lot of grief.

    So can I do something like this?

    IList<ClassA> GetGridData(string info) {
    #if Testing
       IList<ClassA> list  = Mock.Create<IList<ClassA>>(info);
    // or....
       IList<ClassA> list = Mock.Create<LibraryX.ClassAFactory>().DoSomething(info);
      IList<ClassA> list  = LibraryX.ClassAFactory.DoSomething(info);  // web request done in here
      if (list.Count == 0)
        list = null;
      return list;

    As I see it, JustMock doesn't seem to have the tools it needs to create a mock list of ClassA objects ... or maybe that's exactly what JustMock is great at doing!?  I really don't know because I'm not "getting" this from any of the documentation.  Is there something else that does what I want here?  Or is the universal solution still to just lump it and do it all manually?

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    Hi Tony,
    Thanks again for bringing up the question. Actually, if you have to get through the following code:
    IList<ClassA> GetGridData(string info) {
      IList<ClassA> list  = LibraryX.DoSomething(info);  // web request done 
      if (list.Count == 0)
        list = null;
      return list;

    Indeed, you can do something like this :

    Mock.Arrange(() => LibraryX.DoSomething(expectedInfo).ReturnsCollecton(myFakeList);

    Here when GetGridData(expectedInfo) is invoked with an expected argument it will return your fake colllection instead of doing a web request to fetch the same.

    However, JustMock is testing tool. So doing such is best recommended inside a test class. This is also the goal that will make testing a portion of your code easy without worrying about disk or webserver.

    Hope this information helps.

    Kind Regards,
    the Telerik team

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