Is there any way for an AppBuilder Android application to recieve notifications after the device sleeps?

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    Is there any way for an AppBuilder Android application to receive notifications after the device sleeps?  Notifications work great until the 2-30 minute sleep occurs and everything shuts down.  My team has spent quite a bit of time trying to get our application to receive a notification after the 2 minute sleep/dim on the device with no solution.  I have read about power management and background service plugins but non of them will work or I cannot import them because there is no plugin.xml file.  We don't want to use a cloud push notification provider because our application is for a large hospital.  Has anyone been able to build a background service or regular application that runs in the background using Telerik AppBuilder?  What plugins have you used?  It seems odd that a notification is not possible using AppBuilder...
  2. Tina Stancheva
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    Hello Andy,

    How have your team set up notifications for your app. You noted that what you currently have notifications working only while the device is active and that you stop receiving notifications when the device sleeps. Also, from your description I gather that you are looking for local notifications implementation where your app sends the notifications.

    If this is indeed the case, our LocalNotifications sample might be helpful. I've tested it locally - using the option to send notification every minute and I kept receiving notifications long after the device screen dimmed and the device went into a sleep mode. The sample utilizes the Telerik Verified Local-Notification Plugin. Please let me know if it works as expected on your side. If it doesn't, please elaborate on the steps we can follow to reproduce the incorrect behavior on our side.

    Also, if you feel that I am missing anything from your scenario and requirements, please let me know. This way I will be able to better understand your request and advice if and how it can be implemented.

    Tina Stancheva

    Visit the Telerik Verified Plugins Marketplace and get the custom Cordova plugin you need, already tweaked to work seamlessly with AppBuilder.

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