is there an "IsBusy" control

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    I would like to have a control which I can use to show the user that my app is busy. For the GridView there is a IsBusy property I can use, but I would like to have a more general control.
    I want to have the option that the UI is disabled when this control is shown to avoid that the users clicks around.

    This control also should have the option to show text and to insert a cancel button, to receive an event if the user wants to cancel the operation. The text would be nice to not just show an animation like the IsBusy for the GridView, but also show some texts like "Loading ..." etc.

    Is there a control like this within the silverlight suite because I haven't seen any?

    I would be glad if there is such a control, or if you could give me an idea how a generic solution could look like.


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    Greg Phaling
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    Look for the ActivityControl.

  3. devster
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    Alternative solution: the Silverlight Toolkit now contains a BusyIndicator control.

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