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  1. Greg
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    Posted 09 Dec 2014 Link to this post

    Using the Northwind schema the following query (just for sake of simplicity I reuse the same tables in the query, my production query is much more complex):
    using( var db = new NorthwindEntities() )
        var q1 = db.Categories.Where(p => db.Regions.Any(r => r.RegionID == p.CategoryID));
        var q2 = db.Categories.Where(p => db.Regions.Any(r => r.RegionID == p.CategoryID));
        var q = from p1 in q1
              join p2 in q2 on p1.CategoryID equals p2.CategoryID
              select new { Desc1 = p1.Description, Desc2 = p2.Description };
        var res = q.ToList();
    generates the following SQL:
    SELECT DISTINCT a.[Description] AS COL1, b.[Description] AS COL2, c.[RegionID], d.[RegionID]
    FROM [Categories] a
    JOIN [Categories] AS b ON (a.[CategoryID] = b.[CategoryID])
    CROSS JOIN [Region] AS c
    CROSS JOIN [Region] AS d
    WHERE c.[RegionID] = a.[CategoryID] AND d.[RegionID] = b.[CategoryID]
    however this fails because the select list contains an NTEXT column which cannot be used with DISTINCT (MSSQL: error 421, Oracle: ORA-00932). I'd expect the following query to be generated:
    SELECT a.Description, b.Description
       SELECT *
       FROM Categories c
       WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM Region r WHERE r.RegionID = c.CategoryID)
    ) a
       SELECT *
       FROM Categories c
       WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM Region r WHERE r.RegionID = c.CategoryID)
    ) b
    ON a.CategoryID=b.CategoryID
    A possible workaround is to replace Any() with Count()>0 however this still generates a semantically invalid query if q1 and q2 are left-joined. I've already described this latter issue in
  2. Thomas
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    Posted 11 Dec 2014 Link to this post

    Hi Greg,

    thanks for reporting this issue with us. There is unfortunately no easy fix, just a very specific work-around to prevent this issue appearing in the application:

     var q1 = db.Categoris.Where(p => db.Regions.Any(r => r.Id == p.Id) || (1==0));
     var q2 = db.Categoris.Where(p => db.Regions.Any(r => r.Id == p.Id) || (1==0));
     var q = from p1 in q1
                  join p2 in q2 on p1.Id equals p2.Id
                  select new { Desc1 = p1.Description, Desc2 = p2.Description };
     var res = q.ToList();

    By appending the useless (1==0) condition the internal representation is shifted to an OR node and that's why the runtime does not append the distinct any longer. 

    I will file a bug report for this; thanks for reporting.

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