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How to set the jQuery context to Telerik's controls
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AccMan asked on 01 Jun 2012, 03:27 PM

I'm searching a way to get around a problem encountered with Telerik components when they are used in a "popup" mode.
In our project, all pages on the website can be accessed using the browser url bar, or can be displayed in "popup" mode (view loaded with ajax in telerik window).

Issue :

If we have a page containing a Telerik Combobox named "Category" (for example), and if we call a "popup" page containing also a component with the same name, only the first control will have the telerik javascript attached to it. The control inside the popup doesn't have telerik javascript attached.

In some of our home made javascript controls, we corrected this issue by setting the appropriate context in the jQuery selector ( ex: $("#Category", this.$Window); ). 

With the telerik controls, we can't do that, and we are not able to interact with the client side output to specify the appropriate context. 

Did you have any solution to specify the context in telerik controls or another solution to correct this issue ? 

Best regards.


PS : Sample project attached.

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