How to prevent the screen to be pulled up

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  1. Yohann
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    When sliding up or down an non-scrollable element in my view I get the entire screen pulled up, which doesn't give a native feeling.

    How can I prevent that from happening ?

    Also, I noticed that sliding through a long listview is not as smooth as I would like it to be.
    I don't have any shadows in my css nor transparency. How should I handle that ?

    Is this situation when native scrolling comes to hand?

    I did :

    app = new $(document.body),
                platform: {
                    name: "ios",          // Mobile OS, can be "ios", "android", "blackberry", "wp", "meego"
                    ios: true,            // Mobile OS name as a flag
                    majorVersion: 7,      // Major OS version
                    appMode: false,       // Whether running in browser or in AppMode/PhoneGap/Icenium.
                    useNativeScrolling: true

    when initializing kendo, but it's not good. Should I remove it ? is it automatically applied to every element in my DOM ?

    Thank you for your advises
  2. Yohann
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    Posted 24 Oct 2014 in reply to Yohann Link to this post

    Please see the images attached that demonstrates how the screen can be pulled up.
  3. Tsvetina
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    Posted 29 Oct 2014 Link to this post

    Hello Yohann,

    This happens because of the Safari web view that runs the hybrid app, its default behavior is to make this "overscroll" effect. You can disable this behavior by doing the following:

    1) Right-click the project name and select Edit Configuration -> iOS Config.xml.
    2) Find this preference and change its value to true.

    <preference name="DisallowOverscroll" value="false" />

    3) Save the config file and re-deploy your application.

    Additionally, you do not need to set the platform as an object. Just set platform: "ios7" and move the useNativeScrolling setting outside of the platform one:

    app = new $(document.body),
        platform: "ios7",
        useNativeScrolling: true

    I hope this helps.


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