How to open a view from other view in other folder?

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    My problem is this:

    I have myproject tree files like this:

      └ pantallas
           │    └ production_view.html
                  └ quality_view.html

    I am in a kendo view #production_detail in "PRO" folder (components/pantallas/PRO/production_view.html)

    <div data-role="view" id="production_detail" data-show="..."
       data-title="Reporte Detallado"                  data-model="..."
       data-layout="..."                                           data-init="..."
       data-use-native-scrolling="true"             data-before-show="...">

        <a onclick="app.mobileApp.navigate('\\#quality_detail?Chasis=#:ID_Chasis#');">#= Go to#</a>



    And I want to go to other view #quality_detail in "QUA" folder (components/pantallas/QUA/quality_view.html)

    <div data-role="view" id="quality_detail" data-title="Reporte Detallado" data-model=      "..."
       data-layout="lDetalle"                                                                                        data-init=       "..."
       data-use-native-scrolling="true"                                                                    data-before-show="..."
       data-reload="true"                                                                                                data-show=       "...">




    • The code that makes the view "quality_detail" open from "production_detail" works.
    • But when you access to the application for first time, it throws an 404 error, this is because the init event in "quality_detail" doesn't execute.
    • When you enter first manually to "quality_detail for first time, and then you try to open it from "production_detail" it works, open "quality_detail" very well.

    How can I open the view "quality_detail" from "production_detail" without it throws 404 error?

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