How to manage width of chart bars?

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    I'm using RadChart with BarSeriesDefinition(or StackedBarSeriesDefinition).
    I'm adding 10 data points on chart and observe 10 "quite thin" bars, it looks good.
    If I'm adding only 1 data point, I observe 1 "thick" bar and it looks not good. I'd like to get 1 "quite thin" bar at the center of chart.

    I've looked for some MinimalWidth property in the list of properties of BarSeriesDefinition, but didn't find one.

    How can I set MinimalWidth for bar that added to chart?
    Or maybe I can define "number of bars" that is used by RadChart control to calculate final width of bars depending on the availaible space? For example, I setting "number of bars" to 10, adding 2 data points and getting 2 "quite thin" bars at the center of chart.
    Is there some way to manage width of chart bars?

    Now, if added only 1 data point the chart look like 1.jpg;
    If added 7 data points the chart look like 2.jpg;
    I'd like to get something like 3.jpg, if added 3 data points.

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    Only one line of code is there.

    radChart1.DefaultView.ChartArea.ItemWidthPercent = 40;
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    As already mentioned the ItemWidthPercent property is a sufficient way to alter the width of the bars. You can find more information on the subject in this help topic.

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