How to find rowindex in radtreelist when i used radtreelist

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    Hi All,

       <telerik:RadTreeList runat="server" ID="RadTreeList2" DataKeyNames="ID" ParentDataKeyNames="ParentID"
                            OnNeedDataSource="RadTreeList2_NeedDataSource" AutoGenerateColumns="False" AllowRecursiveSelection="true"
                            OnItemCommand="RadTreeList2_ItemCommand" AllowMultiItemSelection="True" OnUpdateCommand="RadTreeList2_UpdateCommand"
                            OnItemCreated="RadTreeList2_ItemCreated" OnPreRender="RadTreeList2_PreRender" ClientSettings-ClientEvents-OnItemSelected="itemSelected1">
                            <ClientSettings ClientEvents-OnItemClick="itemSelected1" Selecting-AllowItemSelection="true">
                                <Excel PageLeftMargin="0.7in" PageRightMargin="0.7in">
                                <Pdf PageHeight="11in" PageWidth="8.5in">
                            <EditFormSettings EditFormType="AutoGenerated">
                            <ValidationSettings CommandsToValidate="PerformInsert,Update" />
                                <telerik:TreeListBoundColumn DataField="Title" HeaderText="Title" UniqueName="Title">
                                    <HeaderStyle Width="200px" />
                                <%--<telerik:TreeListBoundColumn DataField="Description" HeaderText="Description" UniqueName="Description">
                                <telerik:TreeListTemplateColumn HeaderText="Data" UniqueName="Data"   >

                                        <telerik:RadDropDownList ID="ddllist" runat="server" OnItemSelected="ddllist_onItemSelected"
                                            AutoPostBack="true"   >
                            <PagerStyle PageSizeControlType="RadComboBox" />
     I have scenerio of handling radtreelist with parent and childs, i binded the CustomerBank as Parent , BankAccountNumber and BankRoutingNumber as Childs
     CustomerBank                                         DropDownList like ReadOnly,NoDisplay,CompleteAccess
      --     Bank AccountNumber                         DropDownList like ReadOnly,NoDisplay,CompleteAccess
      --     Bank Routing Number                         DropDownlist like ReadOnly,NoDisplay,CompleteAccess

    if i select CustomerBank as parent of Dropdownlist as ReadOnly , the two Child Items also should bind the same as ReadOnly,i have written the code on raddropdown ItemSelected.its working fine. But  when i select BankAccountNumber or BankRoutingNumber of Row dropdownlist as NoDisplay its binding two child item, 
    I need avoid dropdownlist event for child items in RadTreeList of particular row.

    I am not getting the rowindex of radtreelist, so that i can do coding based on rowindex,
    I have searched the demo for radtreelist but there  no demo on radtreelist with dropdownlist.

    Can you please suggest what i need to do..


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