how to bind the values to rad grid-view from variable in silver light ?

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    i came across this problem in my project,how to bind the values to radgridview in silverlight (xaml page) without get,set property.

    i my project i get file name from radupload and i want to bind that name to radgridview and show in radwindow .

    below is my code

    Private Sub client_DownloadStringCompleted(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As DownloadStringCompletedEventArgs)
    If e.Error Is Nothing AndAlso e.Result.Contains("False") Then
                Dim win As New RadWindow()
                Dim content As New SilverlightApplication2.SilverlightControl1()
                Dim renameBox As TextBox = TryCast(content.FindName("renameBox"), TextBox)
                renameBox.Text = selectedFile.Name
                win.Content = content
                AddHandler win.Closed, AddressOf win_Closed
      End If
    End Sub

    the above code for pass the file name to  renameBox.Text and show in radwidow. this will be work for only one name.
    but in that i get more than  one file so that i want use radgridview or datagridview to bind file name.

     renameBox.Text is run time created this i want create run time rad gridview or rad datagrid and bind the file name in silver light
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