How does the license work in large environment?

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    If I am using a commercial license and add tests to my solution, can a developer who does not have commercial version able to compile and debug the code? The other developer might not be working on any of the tests, he/she wants to debug the code. Or once you have commercial version then only the people with commercial version can work on the solution otherwise the solution will not compile?
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    Hello unni nair,

    To answer your question, I will first try to explain what is the main difference between JustMock commercial and JustMock Lite. This is the profiler, which comes only with the paid version of JustMock. Installing JustMock commercial will deploy the JustMock binaries and also will (automatically) register the Telerik.CodeWeaver.Profiler.DLL. With it you will be able to use the elevated features of JustMock. Installing JustMock Lite on the other side, will only deploy some of the JustMock DLLs on your computer.

    Let`s assume there are two developers: the first is using JustMock commercial (JMC) and the second JustMock Lite (JML). Both working on the same project. If the first developer add an elevated unit test (that requires the JustMock profiler in order to mock the dependencies) to the project, the second developer will still be able to compile and debug the project. However, the test itself will fail when run on the second developers machine (the one with JML) and there will be no point of debugging it.

    Further, I can say that every new release of JustMock comes with both commercial and free version. This allows us to keep the Telerik.JustMock.DLL (this is the DLL referred to the test projects) identical for both versions.

    I hope this answers your question. Please, let me know if I can assist you further.

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