How can you mock a private method call that uses a non accessible enum as a method parameter?

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     Here is an example of what I'd like to mock up?  

    namespace ExternalAssembly
        internal enum HintArg { Flag1,Flag2,Flag3}
        public class ExternalClass
            private int MethodToMock(string name, HintArg hint, out string result)
                result ="I want to override this";
                return 0;

    In this example what I'd like to have is a setup that will call the original MethodToMock on everything except when I have a specific name match?

     I have something along the lines of:

    string mockName="mockName";
    string mockResult ="new result";

    I'm just not sure how to specify the arg expression when the type is an internal that my invoking assembly is not friends with?






  2. Stefan
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    Posted 29 Oct 2015 Link to this post

    Hello Arthur,

    This is a complicated use case, because it combines matching by value, an out argument and a non-accessible parameter type.

    The current API is not expressive enough to cover this case properly, but you can use the available primitives to get the desired behavior:
    public delegate int MethodToMockDelegate(string name, object hint, out string result);
    string mockName="mockName";
    string mockResult = "new result";
    Mock.NonPublic.Arrange<int>(typeof(ExternalClass), "MethodToMock")
        .When((string name, object hint, string result) => name == mockName)
        .Returns(new MethodToMockDelegate(string name, object hint, out string result)
            result = mockResult;
            return 0;
    So, using the .When() clause, you can hide the private type behind an object. This approach will only work if there is a single method named MethodToMock. If there are overloads, you will need to obtain the MethodInfo for that method and pass that in place of the method name in the Arrange.

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