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  1. Jay
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    Dec 2010

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    I just wanted to get a quick overview of this product so I after installing I created a new class library project and clicked Telerik -> Add Domain Model.  That threw an exception.  Ok, that was stupid, I'll read the documentation.  I went to http://www.telerik.com/support/orm.aspx and clicked "Getting started with OpenAccess".  Great, Website error!.  After googling I came across some documentation and started following it.  I installed a local copy of the SofiaCarRentalLibrary database and went to the next step: Prjoject -> Add New Item -> Telerik OpenAccess Domain Model.  Great, it's not there!  Now I'm still using VS 2008, but I recall the msi reporting installing 2008 templates.

    I'm sure I could waste a few more hours of my life figuring out why this isn't working, but for something that costs money it should be working now.  It's just been one failure after another.  I can't trust your ORM product when it doesn't even install correctly.

    P.S. I won a license of this software at a .NET users group.  Thankfully I didn't waste any money on this product. 
  2. Aurel
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    We're very much on the same track in starting to use this ORM. All the video tutorials and the documentation on this website are outdated. But after analyzing and digging through forums, code library's for at least a week, I've managed to run the SofiaCarRental Data Model and the NorthwindOA sample codes. It's just a little disappointing that most of their sample codes are in ASP and not much on Winforms. But overall the product itself is good.

  3. Zoran
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    Posted 09 Dec 2010 Link to this post

    Hi Jay,

    First, let us apologize for the inconvenience our product has caused you. We appreciate your feedback, it has actually helped us discovering the broken link in the product support page. I admit this is a bad experience but, I would really classify it as unfortunate chain of events. The real problem that I see here is the missing of the templates in your VS 2008 Add New Item dialog. This is usually the case when your VS 2008 does not have SP1 installed. Also, if you would like to take one last shot with our product, please check the "Data" section of the Add New Item dialog. The OpenAccess templates should be available there as well. If you would like to see our product in action and experience some real-world scenarios with it, I suggest you to check the OpenAccess SDK
    the Telerik team
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