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  1. Manuel
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    Dear all,

     in an entity i have two Properties.

    * ProductLine

    * ProductLineDisplay

    ProductLine is stored in the db, ProductLineDisplay returns a string only.

     Now I like to group by ProductLine (because if I group by ProductLineDisplay an exception is raised) and display the ProductLineDisplay property. How is this possible?

    var result = from o in Context.StatisticOrders
                            join ol in Context.StatisticOrderLines
                            on o.Id equals ol.StatisticOrderId
                            where o.Date >= start && o.Date <= end && o.AddressId == address
                            group ol by ol.ProductLine into gr
                            select new SalesChart
                                ProductLine = gr.Key.ToString(),
                                ProductLineDisplay = ?
                                Sales = gr.Sum(x => x.Price)

    Thank you,


  2. Thomas
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    Posted 08 Dec 2015 Link to this post

    Hello Manuel,

    I think there is no way you can use the instance property ProductLineDisplay, because at the point where you need this, it can't be accessed as you are in a group level there, not in the groups elements.

    My best advice is to make a 
    public static string MakeDisplay<T>(T key) // replace T with your real key type
        return string.Format("WhatEver that means {0}", key);

    and call that in the final Select() clause.

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