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    Posted 11 Mar 2013 Link to this post

    I am getting close to deploying my first Kendo Mobile app to the stores, all built using Icenium. I've had a few issues with the product that I wanted to bring to the team's attention:

    1) App running on iPad caches JS. I think this is an old bug that was fixed once, but seems to be back. Using both Ion, and plugged in with USB using iOS provisioning / app live sync (not Ion) to an iPad 3rd Gen, if I edit HTML, the changes appear immediately on save. However any JS changes do NOT take effect. I have to shut down the app, sometimes even go as far as uninstalling it, and re-deploying to pick up the JS changes. This gets very frustrating.

    2) My app makes use of browser localStorage. Somehow on Graphite, old data keeps reappearing into localStorage when the app refreshes. I can look in the dev tools under resources/local and see the correct data, but sometimes when I save a file and the simulator refreshes, old data suddenly reappears

    3) Also the Dev tools are very flakey in Graphite. Often on the Source tab, the JS files will scroll vertically, but the numbers on the left edge won't, making it impossible to set JS breakpoints on any but the first few lines. Sometimes the JS files don't show up at all in the file list, and you have to reload to get them to show up.

    4) The entire UI doesn't like to resize correctly on a 2nd display of a different size than primary. Or actually, it seems whatever monitor the app opens on, it takes that resolution as the max. If you then move Graphite to a different display that is a differnet resolution, it refuses to maximize. It will only go as big as the resolution of the display it opened on.

    5) finally, just a general feature request: Please make a way to capture screenshots out of the simulator! It actually shouldn't be that hard in Graphite. WPF has a built-in way to render a control to am image that can them be saved. To get my screenshots for the app store, I had to manually crop every one from screenshots using PhotoShop. It was very tedious.

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    Posted 12 Mar 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Jeff,

    Thank you for pointing us on these problems!

    2) is logged as issue and will be fixed in future releases.

    Ufortunately I was not able to reproduce the other ones. Do you have any connection issues?
    It will be nice if you send us a screen recording of these issues to try to reproduce them locally.

    the Telerik team

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