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DataPointMember in chart

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Ramakrishna asked on 13 Jan 2012, 11:47 AM
Hi i am developing charts using silverlight telerik ItemMapping we have DataPointMember property it is having nearly 10 values, i am confusing with in which situation i need to use what because i am not much expert in SSRS to understand.
so if any one knows in detail about all those values please explain.

another doubt reg grouping.
i have 4 columns in the dataset those are Date,Month,Hour,Aggregate. i need to draw a chart like in Y-axis as usual representing Aggregate values... in x-axis i need to show only month names(but here we have aggregate value for hour  but i need to show month wise),
clearly in x-axis i need to show only month names like January,February...December(but each month should be divided into 30 or 31 days depending on month, again each day divided into 24 hours like 0,1,2.....23 now each hour have one aggregate value so i will point that value using y-axis aggregate value then i will draw a line to combine all those points

i did above scenario in SSRS i got solution there but now same chart i need to represent in silverlight using telerik chart control.

for your reference below is the method i followed in SSRS.
Y- axis value: Aggregate
category fields for x-axis(Month,Date)
here month group on month itself
date group on date and hour
observer both are two different groups but both are presented on category fields

that is all i did in ssrs no more fields are groups are values i taken.
if any one knows or have an idea please share with me.

Last but not least one:
telerik chart having GroupingSettings for chart but how can i represent more than one group like above Month is one group and date,hour is another grup. it is not accepting more than one GroupingSettings.

Thank you in advance :)

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Petar Marchev
Telerik team
answered on 18 Jan 2012, 12:53 PM

1. ItemMapping DataPointMember
I will try to explain bluntly. On one side you have your underlying business object (say Product which has properties - ProductId, Value, MinPrice, MaxPrice). On the other side you have the series definition (for instance BarSeriesDefinition or RangeBarSeriesDefinition). The item mapping is used to map a property of your business object to a series definition data point member. For example - you can map the ProductId to the XCategory and map the Value to the YValue of a bar series definition. You might instead want to map the ProductId to XValue and map the MinPrice to Low and MaxPrice to High for a RangeBarSeriesDefinition. So depending on what series definition you use you need to set the appropriate mappings. These can intuitively be extracted just from examining our examples here.

2. I am not sure I fully understand you here. Yes, it is possible to map the X axis against dates. Yes, it is possible to control the format of the X axis labels. You can see this in the First Look Example of the link that I provided above. You can also read about the axis' features in our help topics here.

3. Yes, there is only one group setting per series mapping but you can combine many group descriptors. But maybe in your scenario you will need to use several series instead.

I am sure that once you start building your app all will come in place. Make sure you examine our examples so that you get familiar with the chart's features, possibilities and limitations.  

Petar Marchev
the Telerik team
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Petar Marchev
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