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    I'm having some trouble with a Telerik RadGridView where I want to be able to tell if the user clicked a checkbox vs. it being set via the binding. This is so I can set a "dirty" status and let them know they have made changes that require saving.

    My first approach:
    1) Set a loading=true flag when I'm about to bind to my collection of objects
    2) Set loading=false in the DataLoaded event
    3) on checkbox_checked event, as long as loading=false it is the user, not a binding causing the change in value
    This approach did not work. I get the DataLoaded event, and then a short while later I get the checkbox_checked event for any rows that are bound to a "true" value. Is there a reason DataLoaded fires before the checkboxes get checked? I assumed DataLoaded would only fire once all binding/setting of values was complete. Note that I have turned on/off IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem, and also made sure DataLoadMode is Synchronous.

    The second approach was to try to trap a mouseup/down event on the checkbox itself, as that way I know it's the user, not a binding changing the value. Unfortunately I do not receive these mouse events (I assume they are gobbled up by the grid?)

    Here is the declaration of the Grid in case you can spot a mistake I am making:
    <telerikGridView:RadGridView x:Name="dgUserPrefs"   
                        <telerikGridView:GridViewDataColumn Header="Shift Type" DataMemberBinding="{Binding SHIFT_TYPE_DESC}" UniqueName="Shift Type"></telerikGridView:GridViewDataColumn> 
                        <telerikGridView:GridViewDataColumn Header="Preference" UniqueName="Preference" HeaderTextAlignment="Center" 
                                    <CheckBox x:Name="chBoxPriority"   
                                         IsChecked="{Binding PRIORITY, Mode=TwoWay}" 

    Any help on this would be appreciated!

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    Hi Nathan Riske,

    You could try to use the CLick event:

    <telerik:GridViewDataColumn Header="Preference" UniqueName="Preference" HeaderTextAlignment="Center">
                <CheckBox x:Name="chBoxPriority"   
                         IsChecked="{Binding Checked, Mode=TwoWay}" 

    Kind regards,
    the Telerik team

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