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This is a migrated thread and some comments may be shown as answers.
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Juan asked on 07 May 2012, 05:29 PM
Hi all,

I have implemented a Custom View Definition for ScheduledView. I want to show on the X axy the days of the week with the hours of each day. On the Y axy i want to show the production lines of a factory

My problem is that the title of the day of week is empty (but when i click over, navigates to the specific DayWiewDefinition of the selected day) as show the attached JPG file. ¿Are there any way to show the number and/or the name of the represented day of week?

The used code is:

Thanks in advance,
<telerikScheduler:RadScheduleView x:Name="radScheduleView" Grid.ColumnSpan="2" IsInlineEditingEnabled="False" MinAppointmentHeight="20">
               <telerikScheduler:DayViewDefinition FirstDayOfWeek="Monday" Orientation="Horizontal" MinTimeRulerExtent="1" />
               <telerikScheduler:WeekViewDefinition FirstDayOfWeek="Monday" Orientation="Horizontal" MinTimeRulerExtent="1" ShowTimeRuler="True" VisibleDays="7"/>
               <telerikScheduler:MonthViewDefinition FirstDayOfWeek="Monday"  />
               <telerikScheduler:CustomViewDefinition Orientation="Horizontal" Title="Gadea"  FirstDayOfWeek="Monday" ShowTimeRuler="True" VisibleDays="7" DayStartTime="00:00:00"
                                                      DayEndTime="00:00:00" MinorTickLength="8h" MajorTickLength="8h" GroupHeaderDateStringFormat="{}{0:dddd(MM.dd.yyyy)}"
                                                      CalendarWeekRule="FirstFullWeek" CurrentVisibleRangeFormat="{}{0:dddd(MM.dd.yyyy)}"/>
                   <telerikScheduler:ResourceGroupDescription ResourceType="Lineas" />




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