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    Posted 09 Dec 2014 Link to this post

    I use "html5-diagram-sample-app" as the reference and try to use the custom shape.

    I changed the path in data-shape to 

    data-shape='{"path":"M31.958,27.945c-1.356-1.016-2.96-1.839-4.728-2.287c2.168-1.459,3.662-4.335,3.662-6.925c0-3.655-2.964-6.619-6.618-6.619   c-3.655,0-6.619,2.963-6.619,6.619c0,2.59,1.493,5.466,3.662,6.925c-5.185,1.315-9.027,5.816-9.027,9.151   c0,1.971,5.991,2.956,11.982,2.955l-3.356-3.355l2.826-6.832h-0.029l-1.098-1.259c0.532,0.191,1.085,0.305,1.659,0.305   c0.573,0,1.125-0.114,1.655-0.304l-1.097,1.257h-0.028l2.826,6.832l-3.356,3.355c2.59,0,5.18-0.183,7.285-0.552l-0.884-3.58   L31.958,27.945z M36.176,22.709c-1.058-0.238-2.11,0.426-2.348,1.485l-0.255,1.135l-0.156,0.691l-1.713,7.602l0.634,2.568l0.419,1.697   l1.106-1.354l1.674-2.048l1.712-7.601l0.156-0.691l0.255-1.135C37.9,24,37.235,22.948,36.176,22.709z M33.514,36.454l-0.826-0.186   l-0.606-2.452l0.175-0.07l2.689,0.606l0.158,0.157L33.514,36.454z M37.092,26.122l-3.207-0.723l0.185-0.821l3.207,0.723   L37.092,26.122z"}'

    but the positions of the shape seem wrong as you can see in the attached picture.

    In addition, I use Google Chrome Version 39.0.2171.71 m.

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    Posted 10 Dec 2014 Link to this post


    I reproduced the problem you wrote about and we will fix it for the next internal build. A possible workaround for now is to use a visual template and add a rectangle with width and height set to the actual size. I created an example that demonstrates this approach. I also updated your Telerik points for the bug report.

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