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  1. Marcus
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    Posted 14 Aug 2012 Link to this post

    I've enjoyed Icenium so far.
    Here are just a few features I've noticed missing that I'm used to/would like to see.

    1) I'd like to +1 the local import/export feature that was mentioned in a previous post. (I know you guys are already working on it).

    2) The code folding added in the last update of Graphite is fantastic. However, could you add a shortcut to "fold/unfold" all? (Like Ctrl+m,Ctrl+o in VS).

    3) Something I've found useful in other IDEs is when setting a `src=""` tag, a popup letting me select files from the project comes up instead of  having to know exactly how many "../"'s we need.

    4) Something I'm used to in every other text editor I've ever used (including Notepad) is being able to double click a word (which highlights it) then drag my mouse to select other full words. In Graphite, instead of highlighting more words when I drag, it gives me the cursor to move where the selected word is placed. 
    This is a very useful feature, especially when always trying to delete multiple words from within quotes.

    5) The tab key just adds 4 spaces instead of moving to a set "tab" location. This makes lining up multiple rows of properties hard or we just have to leave it messy looking.

    6) Ion for Android.

    7) In the Geolocation tab, it'd be very helpful to be able to search by address instead of just lat/lon coordinates.

    8) Bulk commenting. I.e. highlight code and press a "comment" shortcut.

    9) Parentheses/bracket highlighting. I.e. if you click near a parentheses, the opening (or closing) parentheses will be highlighted.

  2. Dean
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    Posted 17 Aug 2012 Link to this post

    Hi Marcus,

    Great feedback! All of your points make a lot of sence and we have them logged. Some are already in the works and will be available with the next release. Others we'll do a bit later (in some of the following releases). We plan to have quite frequent updates so our clients get their most wanted stuff as quickly as possible.

    Keep the feedback coming.

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