Concurrency with Oracle DB -- ORA_ROWSCN needed as column and/or property?

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    First of all HEY ;)

    At the moment I write an application with Oracle DB. I want to add concurrency handled by Oracle via ORA_ROWSCN. Because there are two ways and two different result I have a question concerning ORA_ROWSCN-handling in OA:

    1. When I have an existant domain model with an existant table definition and I gonna set the concurrency mode to backend, no ORA_ROWSCN column is added to the table definition and no property is added to the model.

    2. When I add a new domain model, set the concurrency mode to backend and then call the method "Map to table..." then there is automatically a row ORA_ROWSCN in my new table definition.

    So, is it necessary for OpenAccess that this ORA_ROWSCN is in the table definition? Or will the backend concurrency still work without this column in the table definition?

    PS: Do I have to map the ORA_ROWSCN to a model property? Because VS tells me that "The column with name 'ORA_ROWSCN' is not mapped to a property.".
  2. Ady
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    Hi Sepp,

     1) In case you have an existing ORA_ROWSCN column in the database you should map this column to a field in your class and set the optimistic concurrency of the class to 'Backend'. The field should be set as the concurrency field for the class.

    When you set the concurrency to 'Backend' OpenAccess will expect the ORA_ROWSCN column in the table. If not present, it will try to create it. To ensure that it is created the 'Update Schema' property for the class should be set to 'true' (in the Properties window in the designer)

    Do get back in case you need further assistance.

    the Telerik team
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  3. Sepp
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    Posted 08 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    Hey Ady,

    Thank you very much for sharing these information. This helped me a lot!

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