Checkbox events not firing the second time.

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    I have a TreeView for a filter on a dashboard, and it's not processing the click on the checkbox the second time.  I've attached a screen shot with more details.

    I'm not sure what I have wrong.
    Creating the TreeView:
    /* Topics illustrated in this file:
    * How to define a custom widget
    * How to configure options from base
    * How to define and access custom options
    * How to capture scope
    * How to manipulate the DOM of "this"
    * How to expose custom methods
    * How to expose an event handler delegate
    ], function ($, _, Helpers, schoolFilterItemTemplate) {
        var schoolData;
        // This defines a Kendo widget object
        var TreeView = kendo.ui.TreeView.extend({
            init: function (element, options) {
                // Assigning this to another variable name captures the context of init, which is "this TreeView"
                var me = this;
                options.dataSource = {
                    transport: {
                        read: function (options) {
                                                 // If you tried to use "this" in here, it would refer to the dataSource instead of the TreeView
                                                 userName: me.options.userName,
                                                 districtId: me.options.districtId,
                                                 schoolCodes: me.options.schoolCodes
                                             function (data) {
                                                 schoolData = data.GetfltSchoolByDistrictResult.RootResults;
                                                 schoolData = [
                                                               text: "Schools",
                                                               expanded: false,
                                                               items: _(schoolData)
                                                                         .map(function (groupItems, groupKey) {
                                                                             return {
                                                                                 SchoolTypeName: groupKey,
                                                                                 items: groupItems,
                                                                                 expanded: false
                    schema: {
                        model: {
                            children: "items"
                options.dataBound = function (e) {
                    me.element.find("input:checkbox:first").prop("disabled", true);
                    me.element.find("input:checkbox").on("change", function (e) {
                        var parentItems = $(".k-item");
                        var node = parentItems.eq(0);
                        var parentNode = parentItems.eq(1);
                        // Toggle children to match parent
                        // Update parent's state
                        var parentCheckBox = parentNode.find("input:checkbox:first");
                        if (!parentCheckBox.prop("disabled")) {
                            var hasChecked = parentNode.find(".k-group input:checked").length > 0;
                            var hasUnchecked = parentNode.find(".k-group input:not(:checked)").length > 0;
                            parentCheckBox.prop("checked", hasChecked);
                            parentCheckBox.prop("indeterminate", hasChecked && hasUnchecked);
                        // The rest is unchecking other SchoolTypes if a different SchoolType is checked. If "this" is unchecked, no further action required.
                        if (!
                        var dataItem = me.dataItem(node);
                        if (!dataItem.SchoolTypeName) {
                   = false;
                        me.element.find("input:checked").each(function () {
                            var eachDataItem = me.dataItem($(this).closest(".k-item"))
                            if (eachDataItem.SchoolTypeName !== dataItem.SchoolTypeName) {
                                this.checked = false;
                                this.indeterminate = false;
                                //lah testing adding something here.
                                //                            me.schoolTypeChanged(e);
                            //gmo when school names don't match
                            if (eachDataItem.SchoolName !== dataItem.SchoolName) {
                                this.checked = false;                      
      , element, options);
            options: {
                // This is what determines the name of the custom method, e.g. .kendoSchoolFilterTreeView
                name: "TreeViewSchoolFilterSingle",
                // Declare new options with default values. Options must be declared here in order to be accepted and passed through to init().
                userName: "",
                districtId: 0,
                schoolCodes: function () { return "" },
                // Anything else you pass in options will get passed to the base widget
                dataTextField: ["text", "SchoolTypeName", "SchoolName"],
                checkboxes: true
            getSelectedSchoolType: function () {
                var me = this;
                return _(this.element.find("input:checked").closest(".k-item"))
                //                                              .map(function (item) { return ktvSchoolFilter.dataItem(item).SchoolType; })
                    .map(function (item) { return me.dataItem(item).SchoolType; })
                    .filter(function (item) { return item; })
            // This is how to get the selected school from the radio group
            getSelectedSchoolCodes: function () {
                var me = this;
                return _(this.element.find("input:checked").closest(".k-item"))
                //                                              .map(function (item) { return ktvSchoolFilter.dataItem(item).SchoolCode; })
                                      .map(function (item) { return me.dataItem(item).SchoolCode; })
                                      .filter(function (item) { return item; })
            onSchoolChange: function (e) {
            schoolTypeChanged: function (e) {
        // This is what registers the custom widget and adds the kendo* method to the jQuery object

    How it's used in my program, including several variations on binding.
    ktvSchoolFilter = $("#schoolFilterTree").kendoTreeViewSchoolFilterSingle({
                userName: WSIPCContext.UserName,
                districtId: WSIPCContext.DistrictId,
                schoolCodes: WSIPCContext.SchoolCodes,
                onSchoolChange: schoolCodeChanged,
                change: schoolCodeChanged,
                schoolTypeChanged: schoolCodeChanged,
                checkbox: {
                    onClick: schoolCodeChanged
    //This code allows the grade level and risk categories to change when a checkbox
            //is selected, not just the label.
            ktvSchoolFilter.dataSource.bind("change", schoolCodeChanged);
            ktvSchoolFilter.dataSource.bind("select", schoolCodeChanged);
            ktvSchoolFilter.dataSource.bind("selecting", schoolCodeChanged);
            ktvSchoolFilter.dataSource.bind("navigate", schoolCodeChanged);
            ktvSchoolFilter.bind("change", schoolCodeChanged);
            ktvSchoolFilter.bind("select", schoolCodeChanged);
            ktvSchoolFilter.bind("selecting", schoolCodeChanged);
            ktvSchoolFilter.bind("navigate", schoolCodeChanged

  2. Atanas Korchev
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    Posted 11 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Lisa,

     This probably happens because the checkboxes are recreated when the treeview changes. You can use the following as a workaround:

    me.element.on("change", "input:checkbox",

    Atanas Korchev
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  3. Lisa
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    Posted 11 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Thanks Atanas,

     That did it.  It's working well now.

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