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  1. Douglas
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    I'm using a scatter bubble chart and I would like to specify the bubble colors.  I can't find any styling documentation for bubbles.

    Also, I have -3<x<3 and -3<y<3 values.  I would like the axis to be through the zeros instead of the minimums.  Is that possible?

  2. Nikolay Iliev
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    Hello Douglas,

    You can customize the colors of your bubbles by using palletes.

    For example:
            <chart:ScatterBubbleSeries  items="{{ scatterSource }}" bubbleScale="5" xProperty="Age" yProperty="Salary" bubbleSizeProperty="Impact" />            
            <chart:ScatterBubbleSeries  items="{{ scatterSource }}" bubbleScale="5" xProperty="Age" yProperty="Spendings" bubbleSizeProperty="Impact" /> 
            <chart:ScatterBubbleSeries seriesName="MyScatter"  items="{{ scatterSource }}" bubbleScale="5" xProperty="Age" yProperty="Savings" bubbleSizeProperty="Impact" />
            <chart:Palette seriesName="MyScatter">
                    <chart:PaletteEntry fillColor="#80FCE49D" strokeColor="#80E2A1F8"/>

    In the snippet above (based on this sample) we are assigning name to the series we want to customize via seriesName and then using Pallette we are assigning custom fillColor and strokeColor.

    Chaning the default bottom position of your X value is not supported.

    Nikolay Iliev
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