bad decompilation of ikvm file IKVM.OpenJDK.Core.dll

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    Posted 29 Jun 2011 Link to this post

    I try to decompile the dll IKVM.OpenJDK.Core.dll from

    Lots of errors occurs.

    for example, if you try to decompile java.lang.Object.instancehelper_equals
    you obtain:
    [NameSig("equals", "(Ljava.lang.Object;)Z")]
    public static bool instancehelper_equals(object this, object obj)
       return Throwable.instancehelper_equals(!this as Exception, obj);
       this as Exception;
       return this.Equals(obj);

    for  java.lang.Object.__<instanceof>, no value for parameter:
    public static bool __<instanceof>(object )
       if (( as object && ! as Object) && ((! as Array && ! as string) && ! as Exception))
          return true;
      return false;

    if you try to expand members for java.nio.Bits, you receive:

    Current member / type: java.nio.Bits
    File path: C:\_Port\ikvm\ikvm-\bin\IKVM.OpenJDK.Core.dll
    Un élément avec la même clé a déjà été ajouté.
       à System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..(InstructionBlock block)
       à ..š()
       à Telerik.JustDecompiler.Decompiler.StatementDecompiler.Process(DecompilationContext context, BlockStatement body)
       à Telerik.JustDecompiler.Decompiler.DecompilationPipeline.Run(MethodBody body, ILanguage language)
       à Telerik.JustDecompiler.Decompiler.Extensions.(DecompilationPipeline pipeline, ILanguage language, MethodBody body)
       à Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseImperativeLanguageWriter.Write(MethodDefinition method)
       à Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseLanguageWriter.•ƒ(IMemberDefinition member, Boolean isFirstMember)
       à Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseLanguageWriter.(TypeDefinition type, Func`3 writeMember, Boolean writeNewLine, Boolean showCompilerGeneratedMembers)
       à Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseLanguageWriter.Write(TypeDefinition type, Func`3 writeMember, Boolean writeNewLine, Boolean showCompilerGeneratedMembers)
       à Telerik.JustDecompiler.Languages.BaseLanguageWriter.WriteType(TypeDefinition type, Boolean showCompilerGeneratedMembers)
       à JustDecompile.CodeViewer.ViewModels.CodeViewerViewModel.(AssemblyMemberNode member, CancellationToken cancellationToken) dans c:\B\Behemoth\JustDecompile Production Build\Sources\UI\JustDecompile.CodeViewer\ViewModels\CodeViewerViewModel.cs:ligne 107

    Lots of others decompilation problems occurs all over the code.


  2. Yordan Dikov
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    Posted 05 Jul 2011 Link to this post

    Hello Jacques,

     Thank you for using our product. We took note of the bugs you mentioned and will fix them in some of our next releases. So stay tuned!

    Yordan Dikov
    the Telerik team

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