AutoHide Left Clicked panel after a button click inside Panel

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    I am using Telerik RadPanel and I have set it up this way on my page:

    <telerik:RadDocking BorderThickness="0" Padding="0" Grid.Row="1" Opacity="1" Foreground="White" Background="White" BorderBrush="White">


                            <telerik:RadDocumentPane Visibility="Collapsed" CanUserClose="False" BorderThickness="0">

                                                 <!--    PANE CONTENT GOES HERE -->


                <telerik:RadSplitContainer InitialPosition="DockedLeft">
                        <telerik:RadPane Header="Navigate" PaneHeaderVisibility="Collapsed" IsPinned="False" CanUserClose="False" CanDockInDocumentHost="False">


                                        <RowDefinition Height="500"></RowDefinition>
                                        <ColumnDefinition Width="200"></ColumnDefinition>
                                    <StackPanel Orientation="Vertical">

                                       <!--    STACK PANEL CONTENT GOES HERE -->





    The scenario here is: I have some button inside my left docked Rad Pane. When click on those buttons, I try to navigate to certain pages.

    The problem is when I click on any of the buttons present inside the Rad Pane, The pane needs to hide by itself. But It stays just as is. I believe this is because after clicking the button, the focus still remains on button present inside the pane and hence, the docked pane doesn't get hidden by itself.

    Can anyone provide me the solution for this.

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    This is by design - when an element in the unpinned pane is focused, the pane does not get hidden. Because if you have, for example, a TextBox and you start typing in it, the pane should stay open. However, you could easily work-around this by setting the focus on one of the controls in the Docking control, outside the unpinned pane, or by activating another Pane using the ActivePane property of the Docking control:

    this.docking.ActivePane = myPane; 

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