Android splashscreen - This isn't a valid 9 Patch image.

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  1. Netanel
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    Apr 2012

    Posted 19 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    Hey ,

    In my app properties section , I try to upload splashscreen image to Android.
    I get this error : "This isn't a valid 9 Patch image.".

    What I need to do ? I select from my computer normal android splashscreen image : 642x1077

  2. Steve
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    Posted 19 Apr 2013 Link to this post

    Hello Netanel,

    Android splash screens use a special image called 9 patch image, you can read more info here:

    the Telerik team

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  3. Ned
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    Jul 2013

    Posted 28 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    So, what is a good splashscreen png density ..

    This tool let's you pick a density ...

    but the Icenium upload is a single image. Thanks for any help
  4. Iva Koevska
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    Posted 29 Oct 2013 Link to this post

    Hi Ned,

    There is no quick answer to that question. Hope the following explanation sheds some light and helps you decide how to approach your Android splash screen.

    In Icenium, the Android splash screen file is placed in the App_Resources/Android/drawable-nodpi folder (not exposed in the Project Navigator in Icenium Graphite and Mist). This means that your app uses only one image for all screen densities without prescaling it. This might lead to your image being cut off or appearing too small, based on the device screen. Based on your target devices, pick the DPI that would best fit your needs and upload it to Icenium. In most cases, this would probably be the HDPI one (as it's around the middle of the scale).

    Alternatively, you can create images for all 4 dpis and add them to your project using this workaround. This will ensure that your splash screen will appear as you designed it to appear on all screen sizes.

    Iva Koevska
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  5. Owidat
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    Jan 2011

    Posted 20 Jan 2014 Link to this post


    Try this :

    very easy and simple to use, I hope this can help.
  6. Dan
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    Jan 2013

    Posted 01 Dec 2014 in reply to Owidat Link to this post

    Thank you  Owidat !

    Anyone else having an issue last few days with patch 9 malformation error (even though you "know" your image is good) the image through the tool  Owidat posted.  Worked perfect 
  7. jowan
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    Nov 2013

    Posted 11 Jul 2015 Link to this post

    Ive just tried that link, the files produced by that website are not accepted by Telerik. I get


    ErrorThis isn't a valid 9-patch image.



  8. jowan
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    Nov 2013

    Posted 11 Jul 2015 in reply to jowan Link to this post

    Yep, I closed browser and retied but I still get error.

    And just to confirm there does not appear to be anything wring with images as if I add them locally, then commit changes, and pull them back in to telerik and recompile, then they work correctly.

     It simply seems telerik is not accepting the images at the moment, even though they are correct format ?

  9. Ventsislav Georgiev
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    Posted 16 Jul 2015 Link to this post

    Hi Jowan,

    I've successfully generated .9.png images using:
    and uploaded them in the In-Browser and Windows AppBuilder clients without problems.

    Could you please provide the images that you are using, so that we can further investigate what is causing the problem.

    Ventsislav Georgiev

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