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    If I have the following data input for the TimeBar:...
    01.01.2012 14:00:00
    01.01.2012 15:00:00
    01.02.2012 12:00:00
    01.02.2012 14:00:00
    01.03.2012 10:00:00
    01.03.2012 20:00:00
    01.03.2012 21:00:00

    Is it possible to show the hour bars only if a single day is visible (used as interval) and show the day bars if a month or a week is visible?
    That would be great! Or does one have to use hierarchical data? Or should the dataSource be changed depending on the "zoom factor"?

    Thanks for any information regarding this topic!
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    Hi Tim,

    RadTimeBar for Silverlight does not visualize the data that you describe. I suppose you have added a content control to the timeBar and this content control visualizes the data. The content control that you add to the timeBar does not influence the interval display in any way. Basically, you should get the same interval display on all zoom levels with a timeBar with content as with a timeBar with no content. That is why, changing the data in any way will not give you the described result.

    In short, manual control over the currently visible interval in the timeBar is not possible. Basically, the timebar can display hundreds of years at a time in the viewport and automatically calculate what is the best drill level that it should display for item and group. If you set it manually there are 2 options - display the new levels anyway, even if they cannot fit on the screen, and zoom-in/out automatically to show the new drill level. The first one can be a little bit dangerous and can lead to a severe performance hit, because setting the current drill level to Day when you are viewing a period of 100 years can result in too many boxes. 

    Additionally, due to a limitation in Silverlight framework, we have enforced a constraint for zoom-in to maximum of 30 000 pixels. As a result of this constraint, the timeBar might not visualize some intervals in its Intervals collection.

    All the best,
    the Telerik team
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