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    When I set additional installation properties on a monitor using an overload of analyticsMonitor.SetInstallationInfo(), I can see those properties by clicking on an icon next to the Installation Id in the Exception view or by clicking into a session on Live view.

    Is this information surfaced anywhere else on the website?  Is there a way to filter reports on it? (e.g. Show me a report only for users that have "Citrix"="true")

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    Richard Flamsholt
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    Hi Kevin,

    You're right, currently they are only surfaced in the exception view.

    Customers with a similar need (including ourselves for the applications we've instrumented with Analytics) have typically resorted to logging this kinds of information using a dedicated TrackFeature calls, right after monitor.Start or after user login or whatever constitutes a suitable "start point" to your app where you have gathered the information you need.

    For instance, at startup you could call TrackFeature("LoginType." + loginType) just once, where loginType could then be "Citrix", "Web", "RDP", or whatever. You can then both see the distribution of LoginType.* as a graph and also filter on that feature name in an advanced query to show only data where "LoginType.Citrix" exists. Note, it will only work in advanced queries and not globally affect the display of all graphs in one fell swoop, but currently it's the best way to do what you want.

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