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While we won’t be sharing any new shows here, you can always check out the already available ones here. That’s a real treasure trove of great conversations, coding tutorials, how-to videos and more!


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Eat, Sleep, Code

A weekly podcast with Ed Charbeneau and John Bristowe on the latest news in the tech world. New tech, new hardware, exciting industry news, and curious tech across the board. Every Monday, 4 pm ET live on CodeItLive.  

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The Blazor Power Hour

One hour of pure Blazor goodness with Ed Charbeneau. Learn to build Blazor apps, catch neat Blazor tricks and up your coding game. Every Wednesday at 10 am ET live on CodeItLive.

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React Wednesdays

React Wednesdays is a weekly chat show with the best and brightest from the React world, hosted by KendoReact Developer Advocate TJ VanToll. New episodes go live every Wednesday at 1:00 pm ET.

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.NET Dev Show

Join Sam Basu every Thursday as he dives into the world of .NET - with an emphasis on mobile and desktop technologies. Every Thursday at 10 am ET live on CodeItLive. 

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React Wednesdays: IoT Basics for React Developers

On this episode of React Wednesdays, TJ VanToll shared some IoT basics for React developers, plus showed some awesome demos and tinkered with some hardware!

But that's not all - this was the last episode in which TJ does React - he stepped in as a guest and passed along the mantle to Kathryn Grayson Nanz, Dev Advocate for KendoReact, who some of you may know from UI Mondays and Dev by Design on CodeItLive. 


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August 12, 2022

React Wednesdays: Best Practices for Testing React Apps

On this episode of React Wednesdays, TJ VanToll welcomed to the show Thomas Findlay, author of React - The Road To Enterprise and Vue - The Road To Enterprise.

Thomas spoke about what testing is and why it's important and demoed how to write unit and e2e tests - using Jest & React Testing Library, and at the end also showed end-to-end tests with Cypress & React Testing Library!


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May 5, 2022

React Wednesdays: Creating a Tauri App Using React

On this episode of React Wednesdays, TJ VanToll welcomed Denjell from the awesome Tauri Apps team!

Tauri is a toolkit that helps developers make applications for desktop platforms. The best part is that it does that by using any front-end framework you can think of!

Denjell demoed how you can create a new Tauri app using React. 

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April 1, 2022


Channel News

The Worthy Web Hackathon

JS Girl in a .NET World

Alyssa Nicoll, our teammate & Kendo UI For Angular Developer Advocate, embarks on a new adventure - to explore the world of Desktop Development and beyond. In her new weekly series - JavaScript World in a .NET World, she will learn all about the 'other' side and immerse herself in all sorts of .NET Frameworks. 

Join her for this new and exciting adventure, every Tuesday at 2 pm ET on the CodeItLive channel. 


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