Planning Your Next
Vue Application

Planning a Vue Application

As you get started with your next Vue application, you can save yourself some time and stress by making a proper plan before you even lay a finger on your keyboard. This whitepaper is an application checklist of sorts, addressing all the key considerations of a typical Vue development project. It offers a high-level outline of the main decisions you may have to make, based on solid application-building practices.

Download the whitepaper for an overview of the Vue developer tools and strategies you need in all stages of app development, including:

  • Project management and development process
  • Developer tooling choices (package managers, task runners, linters, CLI and UI components)
  • Frontend and UX
  • Backend API
  • Performance strategies
  • Testing methodologies
  • Accessibility, i18n and environments

To have a smooth process when building your next Vue application, it’s essential to think ahead and choose options that best support your team and the goals of the project.


Brandon Satrom
Brandon Satrom Carrot Pants Press,

Brandon is the founder of Carrot Pants Press, a maker education and publishing company, the founder and CEO of Tangible Labs and an avid tinkerer.

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