Choosing the Right JavaScript
Framework for Your Next
Web Application

Choosing the Right JavaScript Framework for Your Next Web Application

For many developers, the JavaScript ecosystem can feel like a bazaar, stuffed with libraries and frameworks that do anything and everything one could imagine. Making decisions in this hyper-dynamic landscape that you will have to stick to long term is hard. How do you choose a suitable JavaScript framework for your next project? Which one would be most reliable for the changes and challenges you anticipate?

Download this whitepaper to learn about:

  • The current state of the Angular, React and Vue frameworks 
  • Key considerations in making framework decisions 
  • How the top JavaScript frameworks compare against a comprehensive list of criteria
  • Reasons for choosing one JavaScript framework over the other 

Which criteria would you look at when comparing frontend frameworks? Author Brandon Satrom has drafted a well-informed list, from ecosystem considerations such as history, corporate support and community, to framework-specific considerations like the getting started experience, skill requirements and tooling available. For the enterprise software architect, there’s a section on factors that uniquely affect enterprises.


Brandon Satrom
Brandon Satrom Carrot Pants Press,

Brandon is the founder of Carrot Pants Press, a maker education and publishing company, the founder and CEO of Tangible Labs and an avid tinkerer.

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