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Telerik UI for Blazor lets you easily style the UI components in your application to match your brand guidelines. Brand colors contribute to making your applications look unique and recognizable. You can achieve this by utilizing two simple yet powerful tools: The Telerik UI Kits for Figma and the Progress SASS ThemeBuilder.

Your designers can utilize the Telerik UI Kits to change the style and apply your brand colors. You can also enter these same colors in the ThemeBuilder application and make the UI components match all brand guidelines. 

Telerik SAAS ThemeBuilder

Ease of Use

The Telerik UI Kits for Figma follow the ThemeBuilder customization logic, providing you with yet another way to ensure alignment between design and development. The styles used in the Design Kits for Figma have their variable counterparts in the Blazor UI themes. Once you have the final design with your preferred colors, you can enter them into the ThemeBuilder to make the two match. Then you can download a file with the css and scss styles and use them across projects.


Three Ready-to-Use Themes

To help you achieve the desired design faster, the ThemeBuilder steps on the three ready-to-use themes: Telerik Default, Bootstrap, and Material. You can choose any of these three themes as a starting point for your design and only change the colors you need.

Color Swatches

The Progress SASS ThemeBuilder UI for Blazor comes with predefined color swatches which makes it easier for you to find the desired look for the UI components and quickly build professionally styled applications. The swatches offer additional color palettes which can be used on top of the base theme. Feel free to explore and implement beautiful and sophisticated styles that can be easily applied to any project.

Enhanced Customization

If you are brave enough to create a complete design system that will express your unique style, we’ve got you covered. Check out Your Own Design System page to see how easy it can be and contact our team of experts who be with you every step of the way.

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