UI/UX Modernization – Why Should I?

UI/UX Modernization – Why Should I?

As technology platforms evolve faster than the applications built on them, companies struggle to keep their critical business operations running and face the risk of becoming irrelevant to their customers. 

But maintaining outdated systems is a resource-intensive, unsustainable task. In today’s fast-moving digital market, a modern, user-friendly and slick UI/UX is imperative to keeping your competitive edge. Modernizing your applications now ensures integration, scalability and compatibility and most importantly—delivering the digital experience your customers demand. 

We’ve teamed up with Resolute Software, our trusted Professional Services partner, to share expert advice and tips on how to successfully upgrade your applications. Join Sean from Resolute and Svetlin from the Progress UX team as they share strategies and real-life examples of successful modernization projects, client use cases and common mistakes to avoid in the process.

During the webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to approach the modernization of your application
  • Best practices for planning and implementing your UX modernization project 
  • Common modernization mistakes, risks and obstacles and how to avoid them 


Svetlin Nikolaev
Svetlin Nikolaev Director UX, DevTools, Progress
Sean Garguilo
Sean Garguilo Chief Revenue Officer, Resolute Software

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