KendoReact R2 2019 Release Webinar

KendoReact R2 2019 Release Webinar

New React projects get started every day with requirements both familiar and new. The KendoReact mission is to make development around those requirements easier, shortening time to market by removing the need for you to write repetitive code for UI components you need for every project.

In our second release this year, we've added a number of new components and enhancements to existing components. As always, the new features of the UI library take your input into consideration. Thank you for being involved!

Sign up for the live KendoReact R2 2019 release webinar on Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 11 a.m. ET, where Eric Bishard, Carl Bergenhem and John Bristowe will provide hands-on demos of the latest components and features. Discover how you can boost your productivity with KendoReact, get tips on working with React hooks and learn about our roadmap.

We’ll also be answering your questions live when you tweet to @KendoReact.

Save your seat at the webinar to learn all about the new components and features introduced since the last release:

  • New components: Editor, DateTimePicker, Notification, Sortable, Drag & drop
  • Grid enhancements, including column virtualization and context menu
  • TreeView enhancements, including drag & drop and checkbox selection

If you want to see everything we’ve released since R1’19, check out the KendoReact release notes or see the full list of components and features where you can access the latest versions. You can start playing with the new components immediately and put them to the test in StackBlitz or straight in your project – they are all available on npm.

Please note that the releases of Kendo UI for Angular, Vue and jQuery will be covered in the Kendo UI release webinar, which takes place on June 6.

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