Kendo UI R3 2017 Release Webinar

Kendo UI R3 2017 Release Webinar

The R3 2017 release for Kendo UI is one of the biggest Kendo UI releases to date and we cannot wait to tell you about it! Join us as our Kendo UI experts walk you through and demo the latest and greatest within Kendo UI including our new support for React and Vue.js, the components and themes in Angular, as well as updated to the jQuery edition of Kendo UI!

Here's a sneak peek into what we covered:

Kendo UI support for React and Vue

While we already support jQuery, AngularJS, and Angular, we still aren't satisfied! With the R3 2017 release Kendo UI now includes support for two of the largest JavaScript frameworks: React and Vue.

Kendo UI for Angular updates

Kendo UI for Angular has a whole set of new features that we'll cover.

  • New TimePicker and RangeArea chart components
  • Updated Bootstrap v4 theme
  • Initial theme support for Material
  • Grid now has selection, in-cell editing, and virtualization combined with grouping

Grid performance updates and general accessibility in jQuery

Outside of support for other frameworks we also updated the Kendo UI you already love and adore:

  • Improvements to the Kendo UI ThemeBuilder
  • Grid now supports CRUD operations with Virtual Scrolling
  • New scrolling mode announced: Infinite scrolling
  • Update to accessiblity compliance across the board (WCAG 2.0 updates)
  • The Scheduler now supports multi-day events in the timeline view


John Bristowe, Tara Manicsic

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