Kendo UI R2'16 Release Webinar

Kendo UI R2'16 Release Webinar

Join Kendo UI Developer Advocates John Britsowe, Cody Lindley, and Todd Motto for a webinar where you’ll learn what’s new and how Kendo UI® by Progress is evolving to meet the bright new world of Angular 2 and React. Technical demos of the new components and a live Q&A session will bring you up to speed on all the new stuff in the R2 ’16 release of Kendo UI. Highlights include:

  • Preview of Kendo UI for React—Brand new, jQuery-free React components fully utilize the React Virtual DOM and Unidirectional Data Flow model. The preview includes Button, ButtonGroup, Slider, Draggable, DropDown, AutoComplete, Dialog, TabStrip and Panelbar.


  • Updates on the Kendo UI for Angular 2 roadmap and news on Angular 2 components which are expected later this year. Stay tuned for the exact date.


  • VS Scaffolding support to the Kendo UI TreeView, helping you use auto-generated boilerplate code for connecting a view (which hosts the TreeView) to a controller and the corresponding model definition.
  • HTML Editor receives some notable updates. It now incorporates support for Markdown (import and export), URL auto-detection, custom callbacks for serializing and deserializing content and new options for fine-tuning pasted content.
  • Spreadsheet Improvements—RadSpreadsheet gets Hyperlink support, multiline editing and the ability to show/hide the grid lines per sheet.


  • DataViz Improvements—The Canvas rendering mode for Kendo UI Gauges, Charts, Barcodes, Diagrams and Maps now supports interactive features like tooltip, hovering, etc., as well as pinch/zoom on mobile devices. There is also a new series—vertical box plot.


Cody Lindley, John Bristowe, Todd Motto

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