Kendo UI R2 2019 Release Webinar

Kendo UI R2 2019 Release Webinar

The Kendo UI development team has been working hard to add new features based on your input. We’ve added new components to our libraries and new features to existing components. On Wednesday, May 15 we will be releasing R2 2019 Kendo UI. 

Want to know more? Join us for our release webinar where we’ll cover all the new features in this release, take a look at the roadmap for the rest of 2019, and answer your questions live!  We even love questions so much that viewers with the best questions will even win a prize.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

Kendo UI for JavaScript Overview

  • New PDF Viewer component
  • Spreadsheet enhancements including paste-value, add images, comments and row height autofit
  • Grid enhancements including adaptive grid rendering
  • The ListView component added the top-voted feature: Endless scrolling
  • Enhancements for mobile support including adaptive rendering for the scheduler, and full mobile support for the DateRangePicker
  • Menu component integration with the DataSource
  • New border radius options for ThemeBuilder

Kendo UI for Angular Overview

  • A large list of Scheduler enhancements and features, including drag & drop, resizing of events and export to PDF
  • The official v1 release of the rich text Editor, including a whole slew of new tools like inserting images and files, font pickers, formatting drop downs and localization just to name a few
  • Grid enhancements including infinite scrolling, cell spanning and more
  • The DropDown components have added virtualization for high-performance scenarios
  • New color palette and color picker component
  • Additional accessibility features to help ensure compliance with WCAG 2.1

Kendo UI for Vue Overview

  • Native Vue Grid enhancements including grouping virtualization, locked columns and column menu
  • The ListView component added the top-voted feature: Endless scrolling
  • New border radius options for ThemeBuilder

KendoReact Overview

  • New native components available with this release:
    • New native Sortable component
    • New native Drag & Drop component
    • New native Editor component
    • New native DateTimePicker component
    • New native Notification components
  • Enhancements to existing components, like:
    • Column virtualization and context menu in the Grid
    • Drag & drop and selection support in the TreeView

Note: KendoReact will be covered in more detail in the KendoReact webinar 

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