Kendo UI R1 2019 Release Webinar

Kendo UI R1 2019 Release Webinar

The Kendo UI development team has been working hard to add new features based on your input. We’ve added new components to our libraries and new features to existing components. Join us for our release webinar where we’ll cover all the new features listed below, as well as a look at the roadmap for the rest of 2019. We’ll also answer your questions live when you tweet them to #heyKendoUI. Viewers with the best questions will even win a prize! New features in R1 2019 include: KendoReact

New native components introduced:

  • Splitter
  • Window
  • Toolbar
  • TreeView
  • MaskedTextBox
  • Upload
  • DropDownButton
  • SplitButton

Grid enhancements

  • Allow for certain columns to always be displayed when scrolling with the Frozen Columns feature
  • Provide easy ways to show and hide columns with the Column Menu
  • Extended filter menu to give more filter functionality in less space through a popup
Kendo UI for Angular
  • Rich text editing now available with the Editor component
  • More intuitive editing with built-in popups for validation errors in the Grid
  • Scheduler improvements (Define and work with resources across all Scheduler events; the Scheduler can now bind its events to any custom data model)
Kendo UI for Vue
  • Brand new native Data Grid component built without any jQuery dependencies!
  • More new components introduced: MultiViewCalendar and DateRangePicker components
  • The Material Theme has been added to the ThemeBuilder
Kendo UI for jQuery
  • Brand new components: MultiViewCalendar and DateRangePicker components
  • ScrollView and Switch components moved to the main Kendo UI library (previously just in the mobile suite)
  • Huge boost in to performance in the TreeView component
  • The Material Theme has been added to the ThemeBuilder
  • New Ripple component to help with Material Theme implementations

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