Kendo UI R1 2017 Release Webinar

Kendo UI R1 2017 Release Webinar

Join Kendo UI Developer Advocates Ed Charbeneau (@EdCharbeneau), John Bristowe (@JohnBristowe) and Tara Manicsic (@Tzmanics) for a tour of what’s new and exciting in Kendo UI® by Progress. Technical demos will help you learn about new the components and the enhancements made to others. A Q&A session at the end will give you an opportunity to ask questions about what you saw in the webinar or use the #AskTelerik hashtag on Twitter to ask questions throughout the webinar and beforehand. We’re excited about this release and this webinar is designed to bring you up to speed on what’s new and exciting in this latest release of Kendo UI. Register today!

Highlights include:

Kendo UI for Angular:

  •  Kendo UI for Angular RC — We’re excited to announce that the release candidate of Kendo UI for Angular components will be production-ready and will come complete with our outstanding commercial support. Unlike other release candidates you may have worked with recently; we pledge we’re not going to ship any major breaking changes of the public API after its release.
  • New Components —  New Inputs, DropDowns and Calendar components.
  • AOT/Universal Rendering Support/Tree shaking — Ahead of Time (AoT) compilation, Universal Rendering and Tree shaking support are essential for building performant Angular 2 applications. All three features are fully supported in Kendo UI for Angular
Kendo UI for jQuery:

  • jQuery 3 Support — Kendo UI for jQuery is now fully compatible with jQuery 3.
  • Grid and Spreadsheet Improvements - Enhancements have been made to these two very popular components.
  • New Themes — second Sass-based version of the Kendo UI default theme and new Bootstrap 4 theme.
  • npm Distribution — We are making Kendo UI available as a NPM package on our private NPM registry but don’t worry, we will continue supporting the git distribution model as well.


Ed Charbeneau, John Bristowe and Tara Manicsic

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