Kendo UI for Angular Launch: Native, Fast, Beautiful

Kendo UI for Angular Launch: Native, Fast, Beautiful

Built from the ground up on Angular so you can take advantage of ahead-of-time compilation, Angular Universal and tree shaking, Kendo UI for Angular is a comprehensive UI library for building blazing fast, rich web applications.

We are ready to move Kendo UI from RC to final version and we want you to be there.

  • See the entire Kendo UI for Angular component suite, including Grids, Charts, Inputs, Layout and more
  • Enable end-users to perform advanced data management operations
  • Build user-friendly data entry forms
  • Easily adapt the look and feel of UI components to your specific application design
  • Provide advanced functionality in applications leveraging Bootstrap UI components and Bootstrap look and feel

Sign up for the Kendo UI for Angular official launch webinar for a walkthrough and demos of how it can help you save development time on your next Angular project. Ask our experts any question in the live Q&A session and get the chance to win one of our prizes: Five Ultimate Angular Online Courses licenses and one Xbox One S.


Burke Holland, Tara Manicsic

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