Kendo UI R2 2020 Release Webinar

Kendo UI R2 2020 Release Webinar

The Kendo UI development teams across Angular, React, jQuery and Vue have been hard at work ensuring that no matter what type of apps you may be building, we’ve got you covered with new UI components and highly requested features across all JavaScript technologies that we support.

Our R2 release will ship as planned on May 13. We hope to see you join our live Kendo UI R2 release webinars on Tuesday, May 19, 2020, starting at 11 am ET., where Alyssa Nicoll, TJ VanToll, and Carl Bergenhem will dive into the latest and greatest that we have prepared for you. Discover the newly released components and features and get ideas how to use them in your projects!

In these four webinars on Tuesday, May 19, we’ll dive into:

SESSION 1 - 11:00 AM ET

Kendo UI for Angular
  • New components: Stepper Component, External Drop Zone Component, Pager Component and Label Component
  • Design Guidelines for Building Forms in Angular
  • TreeList: v1 Officially released
  • TreeList: Virtualization, Selection, Keyboard Navigation, Accessibility
  • TreeView: Load More Button
  • Grid improvements: Persistence for Expand and Collapse state of detail rows
  • Conversational UI: Support for the DialogFlow v2 API

SESSION 2 - 11:30 AM ET

  • New components: ListView, Progress Bar, Chunk Progress Bar, Stepper, Label, Floating Label, Hint and Error, Radio Button, Radio Group, Range Slider, FormElement and FieldWrapper
  • Design Guidelines for Building Forms in React
  • TreeList Improvements: Virtualization, Built-In Pager, Column Menu, Drag & Drop, Aggregates
  • Grid Improvements: Checkbox Filter
  • Scheduler Improvements: Header & Footer Custom Rendering
  • Form Improvements: Form-Level Validation, FieldArray
  • Drawer Improvements: Custom Rendering

SESSION 3 - 12:00 PM ET

Kendo UI for jQuery
  • New components: Form, Stepper, TileLayout
  • Scheduler: Virtualization, Google Calendar integration, Search & Filter options
  • DataSource: Server-side Remote Grouping support
  • Validator: New Validation Summary, Inline validation rendering support
  • Inputs: Floating Label support
  • DateTimePicker & TimePicker: New Rendering Options

SESSION 4 - 12:30 PM ET

Kendo UI for Vue
  • New components: Native Calendar, Native DateInput, and Native DatePicker
  • Native Grid Improvements: Footer Cell and Extensive bug resolution effort
  • Preparation for Vue 3.0

Pick the session you'd like to attend and mark your calendar for the Kendo UI R2 Webinars - May 19, 2020 from 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM ET

*Regardless of which event you sign up to attend, you will be able to log in and watch all other sessions.


TJ van Toll, Alyssa Nicoll, Carl Bergenhem

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