The SOLID Principles of UX

The SOLID Principles of UX

In development there are a lot of conventions that we should follow and it is possible to boil them down to the most important ones like the S.O.L.I.D-principles. The same is true for UX!

But as a developer – not necessarily an expert in user design – how do you know where to focus your time and attention.

There are hundreds of UX-principles, laws and rules but as a developer there often isn't time or resources to study and learn all these. We will look at a very logical, comprehensible and easy to use UX-system. Having UX in mind while developing your app might even change the way you code.

Users will judge the quality of your app or web based on your design and its usability. Tune it to get practical tips and tricks to get your solution to the next level.


Jessica Engstrom