The State of .NET Webinar

The State of .NET Webinar

The vision of unified .NET 5 platform becomes a reality in November 2020. Join the State of .NET Webinar and learn how Microsoft will make the transition from the old Windows-only .NET Framework to a cross-platform, open source offering intended to wrap up all .NET components into one package. Stay up to date with the .NET journey so far and all hot news in .NET world across web, mobile and desktop.

What we will cover during the webinar:

  • .NET 5 | Why now? | What's on the line?
  • .NET performance | Updated tooling | C# 9 | F# 5
  • The NET story | ASP.NET Core on .NET 5 | Web Frameworks galore
  • .NET MAUI | C#/XAML | C#/MVU | Blazor Mobile Bindings
  • Modern Desktop apps on .NET 5

By the end of the webinar, you will be fully equipped with information, good practices and progressive advices to continue successfully your .NET journey.


Ed Charbeneau, Sam Basu