Low Vision A11y with Chris DeMars | We ❤️ A11y

Low Vision A11y with Chris DeMars | We ❤️ A11y

Join Chris DeMars - the Accessibility Guru, for his outstanding talk on Low Vision A11y & Users Abstract!

When you think of low vision, what comes to mind? A user that is nearsighted? How about far-sighted? Maybe partially blind? These are all qualifying cases of poor vision, but low vision is more complicated than the prescription of glasses or contacts.

According to the World Health Organization, they categorize low vision based on specific levels of visual acuity and field of vision (http://W3.org, 2016). With that in mind, we as developers can look at different categories of low vision including color vision, visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, etc, and make an effort to bake in things like zoom, non-conflicting colors, and re-wrapping of columns into our code.

In this session, Chris covered:

  • What vision accessibility is?
  • The different categories of low vision
  • What are the needs of the users? 
  • What can developers do to achieve great UX for Low Vision Users