React Form Component and the 5 Reasons to Use the KendoReact Form

Adding a form to your React app shouldn't be difficult, right?

Well, if you’ve passed through that initial optimism and are now looking for a great Form library to handle the heavy lifting (React Form validation, is that you?), watch this video. You will learn how to know a good form from a great one (the one that’s your best fit), among all the available options.

Play this video to check out 5 very important things to look for in a React Form component and, what’s more, see why the KendoReact Form library ticks all the boxes.

The KendoReact Form enables you to:

  • Quickly and easily customize and style your forms however you like
  • Use multi-step forms right out of the box
  • Choose from a variety of inputs
  • Provide intuitive and inclusive web experiences through its fully accessible design
  • Save time and energy by choosing a library with a consistent look and feel

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