Accessibility SVGs with Carie Fisher | We ❤️ A11y

Accessibility SVGs with Carie Fisher | We ❤️ A11y

Join Carie Fisher for her awesome talk on Accessible SVGs: Pattern, Color Contrast, and Motion Considerations!

While the specific pattern you decide to use for creating SVGs might vary depending on your particular situation and targeted WCAG conformance level — the reality is, most people stop there, focusing on code compliance and not actual end-users and their needs. If true inclusiveness lies beyond patterns, what other factors should we consider when designing and developing accessible SVGs?

in her talk, Carie covered:

  • Inclusive SVG patterns for web and mobile
  • SVG color and contrast guidelines, tools, and @prefers-color-scheme
  • SVG animation guidelines, tools, and @prefers-reduced-motion