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Telerik UI for UWP Ninja
  • Overview

    RadCalendar for Universal Windows Platform is an advanced date input control that allows single or multiple date and range selection as well as displaying dates in different views.

    Telerik UI for UWP Calendar Control Overview
  • Various Selection Modes

    The control supports various selection modes for the MonthView display, including Single and/or Multiple selection of cells.

  • DayView support

    The DayView feature in the Telerik UI for Xamarin Calendar control enables the end-user to have a detailed view of the schedule for a specific day. The mode consists of multiple time-slots, where items are placed on a vertical timeline (similar to the experience of the Outlook calendar). DayView comes particularly handy when the end-user schedule is more granular and events’ length is less than a full day.
    Telerik UI for UWP - Calendar - DayView (2)
  • Special Slots

    The Calendar control includes various properties of styling for cells. You can also style individual (specific) cells based on your requirements.

  • Keyboard and Touch Support

    The control supports the standard navigation paradigm. Users can tab across the form elements till they reach the calendar element. Then they can go over the individual days by using the arrow keys. A day can be selected by clicking the [Enter] or [Space] buttons. [PageUp] and [PageDown] move up/down between months, whereas [Home] and [End] navigate to the first/last day of the displayed month. For Touch devices users can swipe up or down to change the current month/year/decade or century. Tapping on an element selects it, whereas Holding on it enables the selection mode, be it single or multiple.

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